Avast Business Patch Management Review

avast management console
avast management console

Very often we encounter such a problem as regular patch deployment. This would seem to be an insignificant problem for a company dealing with a large flow of updates for software and various business applications. Avast and its Business Patch Management solution can help you handle patch management with ease. This application allows users to reject unnecessary updates and keeps the entire Windows system under control.

Avast Patch Management Overview

Avast Patch Management is a tool that will allow you to replace a large number of update tools with a single update application that will work for any Avast Anti-Virus version. This service can analyze a huge number of applications for updates, and you will have full control over it. Thus, you can give a command to look for updated components in your network at any frequency and at any time. 

Also, by using it, we can reduce the problems that occur during updates and install only the most necessary fixes. At your command, this console can generally bypass some applications if you are happy with the version you have, and do manual or other updates if needed. 

 Businesses have large networks and the avast management console is more useful than ever because it provides you with reports and aggregated statistics so you can see what errors are occurring and which applications are missing updates so you can go straight to the tabs to fix them.

Avast Business Patch Management Settings

Avast Business Patch Management has a sick function panel. You will naturally be able to explore them, but the app itself helps you get started. After installing the free trial, you can log in to your Avast account and the site will open the Patches menu where the installation process will start.

The installation is also intuitive, and once it’s done, just restart your computer and you’re done. We have to note that this tool combines perfectly with other antiviruses because Avast has a unique passive function when the system notices that your PC already has another antivirus.

Patch Management

In case of danger, Avast Patch Manager will immediately respond on your screen with a warning and more detailed information can be found in the summary panels, which also contain the number of missing patches, their severity, and their status.

You can either deploy patches manually, which means you can manage your app updates yourself and cancel them if there are problems, or you can deploy them automatically. For example, you can create a list of devices that will be updated and have their parameters for deployment. Or you can define the frequency of scanning of all devices, or specific applications or vendors.

If you don’t have many applications at your disposal, the Avast Web Panel will give you enough information to control them. The Patches menu includes special tools that you can use to manage larger networks. They will help you keep a closer eye on the security status of each application and provide you with patch reports.