Top 5 Most Promising Virtual Data Rooms of 2021

The source of a threat to information security is an access subject, a material object, or a physical phenomenon that is the cause of a threat to information security.

Virtual data rooms as the Best Way to Avoid Cyberbullying 

The development of communication technologies has changed our lives. The usual processes of relations between people using the Internet acquire new features in the digital world. The speed of dissemination of information on the Internet in an instant allows you to share your life news, photos and communicate with many people.

Access to the information you post may be limited only by the circle of your communication or be available to an unlimited circle of people. However, the circulation of personal information online can lead to problems when strangers, passers-by, or even friends use the information irresponsibly and without regard for the right to privacy. This is how cyberbullying appeared and the ability to show negative qualities with the help of technology, to do it anonymously, without fear of a backlash.

Social networks have become the main platform for cyberbullying. They can not only insult a person in messages but also hack the victim’s page or create fake pages in the name of the victim, where humiliating content is posted, offensive and obscene messages are spread.

Regardless of the form of manifestation, cyberbullying can cause significant harm to the victim, and in extreme cases, lead to the most tragic consequences. Like their fellow bullies in the physical world, cyberbullies try to persuade them to stop violating the rights of others. The difference is that cyber hooligans are able to hide their identity on the Internet, making it difficult to quickly intercept such activities.

The Best 5 Virtual Data Rooms to Keep Your Data Safe

With the development of the web, the state has new concerns – how to protect millions of people from unauthorized use of their personal data for fraudulent or other illegal purposes. Every day, a lot of operations are performed on the web, providing that a person will give access to a certain set of the best data room:

  1. BrainLoop.

BrainLoop is an element of an information retrieval device that is secretly introduced (inserted or introduced) into places of possible information retrieval (including into a fence, structure, equipment, interior items, vehicles, as well as into technical means and information processing systems).

  1. iDeals Secure Data Room Provider.

If the technical implementation of individually selected measures to ensure the security of personal data is impossible, as well as taking into account the economic feasibility at the stages of adapting the basic set of measures and (or) clarifying the adapted basic set of measures, other (compensating) measures may be developed to neutralize the actual threats to the security of personal data.

  1. Merrill Datasite.

Protected information with Merrill Datasite – information that is proprietary and subject to protection in accordance with the requirements of legal documents or requirements established by the owner of the information.

  1. Intralinks.

The choice of virtual data rooms to ensure the security of personal data to be implemented in the information system within the framework of the personal data protection system is carried out by the personal data operator independently and includes determination of the basic (recommended) set of measures to ensure the security of personal data for the established level of protection of personal data.

  1. SecureDocs.

SecureDocs of an automated system – a certain set of requirements for the protection of computer equipment (automated system) from unauthorized access to information.