Successful project management for small business

project management.
project management.

It is commonly believed that project management in small businesses is much easier than in large organizations, but in fact, the opposite is true. The whole point is that in large companies there is a corresponding staff, and each process relies on an employee, while in small business only one manager is assigned to a large project. Project management is very important for small business development and in this article, we will tell what to do to achieve success.

What is the importance of project management for small businesses?

Planning and resource allocation is a major part of project management. In a small business, the amount of resources is limited enough to maximize impact and achieve small and large goals. We recommend paying attention to the following aspects to make your project process more effective:

  • A comprehensive plan – costs, manpower, and resources should be clearly articulated and spelled out, so your plan will be much more viable
  • Clear time frame – the process of creating your project can take months, but you should have a rough idea of how long it will take to complete a particular stage
  • Systematic approach – achieve your goals one by one starting small
  • A unique result – any project has a goal to which you need to select non-standard approaches. A unique result is a result the company has never had before
  • Stay within the budget – try not to go beyond the allocated funds so you have a better chance to finish the project on time or even a little earlier
  • Control the process – so the risk of mistakes is very low and you avoid unnecessary stress and disorganization
  • Increase the chances of success – the success of the project depends on the project manager. You must keep a close eye on all changes and remove obstacles as they arise, changing methods to achieve the goal if something goes wrong

The best project management apps for small businesses

Below you’ll see a list of the best project management apps to help your small business achieve specific goals and company growth:

  • ActiveCollab is a digital workspace that helps in scheduling and organizing all processes so you can see ahead of time approximate deliverables, keep track of deadlines, and get reports on completed tasks. You can use it to communicate with your employees in the chat application and keep your team informed of all events. ActiveCollab is a great forecasting app so you can roughly know what to expect.
  • Asana- is a tool created for small businesses that are known for its flexibility in terms of approaches to projects. It visualizes your plans so you have a clearer idea of timelines, potential problems, and solutions. You can enter all the necessary data regarding projects into the app so that your employees don’t go astray.
  • BaseCamp is an app that keeps your information about your projects in order. You can upload there all necessary files, which are also available for your team to view, and you can make to-do lists and their deadlines and responsible employees.